Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery offers light to medium medical-grade compression, without a doctor’s prescription, in a variety of colors, original patterns, and styles. Tramps Hosiery is specially designed to promote healthy circulation for those people that work while standing and must take measures to protect their legs from spider veins, poor circulation, blood pooling and other veinous conditions. I wanted to create an exciting product and I partnered my sister and muse to make that happen. I studied compression hosiery and found great manufacturers to bring products we are proud of. It is imperative that we provide access to compression garments at a great price relevant to today’s dress styles and trends.

Tomas Reyes, a New York-based fashion designer who decided to collaborate with his sister Alex Reyes. Alex worked as a hair stylists for a very long time. She also owns her hair salon named Tramps Salon in Austin, Texas. After working on her feet for many years, her doctor prescribed compression hose to help relieve the pressure in her legs and help with the embarrassing varicose vein she started to develop. However, Alex grew frustrated by the lack of color and fashion in existing brands. Seeing a lack of fashion in the compression market, Alex and Tomas created a line of compelling and beautiful hosiery that merges fashion and function but also provides great support and is easy to wear.