Tomas Reyes “Porque no se sabe el futuro hasta que lo hacemos,” or "Because we do not know the future until we do it!" A belief instilled in Reyes as a child and used to forge ahead in every aspect of his life. He is a fashion designer and creative director hailing from Austin, Texas, but calls New York City home where it has served as his muse to drive his unique vision and creative style. Reyes has had a spansive career in leading positions to shape clothings lines, develop products and develop the very brands they were apart of.


Reyes’ career has lead him full circle to create his own brands. Currently he sources and manufactures products in the medical-grade category under a label created with his sister; Tramps Fashion Compression Hosiery. This is label that offers light to medium medical-grade compression, without a doctor’s prescription. This brand is a truly unique band that offers an assortment of colors, original patterns, and styles. Tramps is specially designed to promote healthy circulation for those that suffer from veinous diseases like spider veins, poor circulation, blood pooling and other veinous conditions. For more information go to